RoxAnn Legacy Products (pre-2006)

RoxAnn Legacy products are predominantly those supplied prior to 2006, at which point, the RoxAnn GD range was released.

These legacy units perform in the same way as the GD range but tend to be very large in comparison. Sonavision can service some of these products but generally, because of obsolescence we often have to offer a deal on a new RoxAnn GD equivalent.

RoxAnn Legacy Operation & Installation Manual

Contains information on the use and installation of the old style RoxAnn units (pre 2006 and the introduction of the GD range).

RoxMap Software User Manual

Describes how to operate the basic components of the RoxMap plotter application.

RoxMap Plotter for Fishing Applications (Windows XP version)
RoxMap Fishing Demonstration

A downloadable demonstration for use with all versions of RoxAnn product. It allows use of all functions as though operating in real time but uses internally generated ship tracks. It cannot be used for live navigation. It does not require a dongle.

RoxMap Scientific Plotter Application
RoxMap Swath Demonstration

A downloadable demonstration of the Swath application of the RoxMap plotter.

RoxMap Swath Plotter Application (legacy)

Setup application for the RoxMap Swath used in the pre-GD version of the product.

No tech support available for this product...